Understanding Literacy Using Eye Movement Miscue Analysis in A Global World

TitleUnderstanding Literacy Using Eye Movement Miscue Analysis in A Global World
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsLiwanag, M, Kim, K, Martens, P
Number of Pages188
PublisherDIO Press Incorporated
CityLewes DE
ISBN Number978-1645041290
KeywordsEMMA, eye movement miscue analysis, literacy, reading
AbstractReading is a process through which learners construct meaning and gain critical knowledge necessary to participate in our global society. Children become literate beings and productive participants in their social worlds when they read critically. In this edited book, we bring together researchers, internationally and transnationally, to share Eye Movement Miscue Analysis (EMMA) research that deepens and expands understandings of the reading process and addresses ways to support the literacy development of diverse populations. EMMA is an innovative method of study that combines research on eye movement and miscue analysis to examine how reading works. This book expands on and frames how EMMA can best be utilized to its potential to explore multiple aspects of literacies, such as reading multimodally, identifying literacy achievement, examining young children's or college readers' strategies when reading various texts, or applying EMMA in understanding readers who speak a variety of languages. It is practical, research-based, and theoretically driven to help its audience like those in various academic field understand and explore multiple dimensions of literacy through eye movement miscue analysis in an expanding global world. It is a groundbreaking contribution explaining literacy from a comprehensive and practical lens. Most of all, this book provides socially and culturally diverse K- adult learning and teaching contexts applicable for learners, educators and researchers to meet the needs of 21st century global world. This book can be used in foundations of literacy courses, methods and assessment courses, as well as research design and application in education and other fields.
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